God has banded us together to build His kingdom.

We aim to accomplish this mission through: Proclaiming the gospel, serving, worshiping God, teaching the Scriptures and developing relationships with God and each other.


Ministry Values

  • People are important to us.
  • Authenticity in relationships, motivations and choices are important to us.
  • Keep it simple: Love God and love people.
  • We strive to evaluate whatever we do (regularly). We attempt to ask, "How are we doing things?" and "Why are we doing things?"
  • We value doing things with a purpose.
  • Ownership - We want people to have ownership of the ministry.
  • Team - We believe Jesus wants ministry to be a team effort.
  • We want to do things well (not perfect).
  • Jesus is the Shepherd of our church.
  • Prayer - We want to practice the presence of God with a realization that we can do nothing without Him.